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Custom Fire Features & Fire Pits in Gilbert, AZ

Being largely considered the centerpiece or focal point of any outdoor gathering, a home's firepit has been shown to really add the visual appeal and a tasteful addition that is often underappreciated or overlooked. Whether you're participating in a miniature excursion, complete with backyard camping with your children or if you're hosting this year's block party, a fire pit upgrade is a tried and proven upgrade to any backyard! With the abundance of styles, colors, and designs to choose from regarding your home's fire pit, we are confident that our team here at American Backyard, Inc is your best bet for custom fire features in all of Maricopa County, AZ!

Fire Pits, Fire Features, and More!

When pondering what type of fire pit or fire feature would be best suited for the layout, feel, and aesthetics of your backyard, it's essential to be as knowledgeable and familiar with the available products in the industry as possible. Or, as a matter of convenience to our clients (both current and future), we've compiled a brief synopsis of the more popular and prevalent themes, styles, designs, and features for fire pits and outdoor accommodations that we excel at providing service for. Be sure to voice any questions regarding our products when you call to schedule your complimentary consultation - every staff member here at American Backyard, Inc is highly-trained and well-versed in all of the products and services offered through our company.

Portable Fire Pit

Widely popular due to the versatility it offers, the portable fire pit is a welcome addition to a variety of backyards in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Guadalupe, Arizona. Not only does this portable fire pit create a very "warming" presence, but it also is a very cost-effective investment for renters and homeowners alike.

Fire Pit Table

Boasting a dual feature that is both visually appealing and practical, our fire pit tables are very common due to their diversity in style, design, and dimensions. Whether you are looking for a precast/prefabricated design or a fire pit table that is personally customized to your standards and truly one-of-a-kind, our in-house designers are but a call or click away if you would like to learn more.

Wood Burning Fire Pit

As the name suggests, wood is the main fuel that is used when burning while enjoying an evening with family and friends during the cooler Autumn nights here in Arizona. Complete with a grated dome to enclose the open flame and wood that is ablaze, our wood burning fire pits come pre-made or custom design and installations upon request.

Gas Burning Fire Pit

Widely viewed as a viable alternative to a wood burning fire pit, the gas burning fire pits that we've been touted for designing and installing are without peer in terms of quality, pricing, and visual appeal. If you're like us and promote GREEN living, the gas fire pit a safer, cleaner, and overall more eco-friendly choice of fire puts by our clients in larger communities here in Arizona: Chandler, AZ | Mesa, AZ | Phoenix, AZ | Gilbert, AZ, & Queen Creek, AZ.

Chimnea Fire Pit

This fire pit is unique in its design as well as how it actually functions: having an enclosed chimney allows better control of smoke and carbon emissions, thus improving the experience when enjoying an evening by the fire. As with all the other fire pits that we offer, our chimnea fire pit is open for interpretation: completely customizable regarding design, materials, and features.